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Box Add Ons

3 Month Box Subscription Option

How it Works

We help you show your support

The aftermath of a loss can be a lonely time for the bereaved. After the initial outpouring of love and support, most supporters return to their day to day routines and the bereaved are left to navigate their grief on their own. Our three month subscription option allows you to continue to show your support,  let your loved one know that they are not alone and give them something exciting to look forward to each month. Subscriptions can be renewed as often as desired.


  • First- Select your preferred box- Comfort, or Inspiring Hope

  • Then complete the subscription form to provide all the necessary details to begin the box fulfillment

  • Finally, your loved one will receive their specially designed box each month. The first box will include the items listed under the specific box selected and the remaining boxes will include new items all based on the same categories of the selected box (grief knowledge, self-care, nutrition, inspire and encourage, and soothing products). 

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