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Meet Rhonda

Rhonda is a fun, loving, family-oriented person who loves serving those in need. Fulfillment for her is seeing those around her living their lives to the fullest. This passion for helping has led Rhonda to create Hope’s Dwelling, a coaching business located in the Cayman Islands. She is a Certified Grief Coach, Life Coach, Event and Retreat Planner. She is the creator of R3 Ladies Self-Care Retreat.

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The Story behind Box of Hope

Rhonda started Box of Hope after serving the bereaved as a grief coach and finding that many experience times of loneliness where they feel they have been forgotten. She also realized that many do not offer the support needed not because they don’t care but simply because they do not know how to. Care boxes provide the perfect bridge to end this divide.
Rhonda also knows what it is like to lose someone significant to you after her father's death in 2017.

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